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​Are your dollars dripping down the drain? Why not let us Catch the Flow! Wyatt Submetering, Inc. is an installation company committed to providing you water submetering solutions for your water and gas utility needs. Our clients include apartment communities, manufactured housing communities, townhomes and condominiums, military housing, commercial buildings, new construction, municipalities, and office buildings. We have been successfully installing thousands of units across the United States for over 13 years now. The meters and communication systems we use are installed and maintained by our own trained technicians. 

Why should you submeter? 
Utilities being provided today are no longer inexpensive. When something is free it holds little value. This has resulted in the excessive use and waste of utilities. With utility costs increasing continuously, owners are paying for this lack of responsibility on the part of the consumer. 

The Benefits of water submetering systems
  • Eliminates a fluctuating and ever increasing expense through individual metering and billing 
  • Allows management company and owner to track vacancies 
  • Increases property value - Assists in locating major leaks 
  • Increases owner’s bottom line 

Water Conservation Submetering is becoming the newest weapon against the fight of rising utility costs. Although more than 70% of our planet is covered by water, this great natural resource has been taken for granted, neglected, and abused. We feel the free ride is over. Water and sewage treatment service now cost almost as much as power for heating and cooling. Submetering is a great solution for billing with no guess work involved. You know exactly how much water each unit is responsible for.

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