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​Wyatt Submetering, Inc. is a family owned and operated water submetering business established in February of 2000 and based in Tennessee. Since 2000, we have successfully installed over 25,000 water submetering systems across the United States. We were the first to install meters on a military base, Fort Irwin, and have worked on numerous other bases around the nation. We were the first to install a public housing project, San Bernardino Housing Authority. We also installed the largest manufactured housing community in the nation. We are certified installers of California weights and measurements division. 

We are also certified in all meters and electronics. We are the longest running installation company in the business. We are enthused and excited about what the future holds for a young and hardworking company. We are familiar with all applications such as copper, CPVC, PVC,

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​galvanized, and quest. We use manual or radio frequency reads and continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology. 

We have installed projects for numerous large companies including NWP, WaterWatch Corp, Minol USA, Conservice, Guardian Water and Power, Sierra Utility Billing Services, NES, Wellspring Wireless, WSI, CBSI, Apex Billing Solutions, Vertex Multifamily Solutions, Meterlogix, Realpage, Inc., Midway Services, Inc., American Power and Water, USI Energy, Delta, Protech Contracting, Inc., Clark, Pinnacle, Noresco, H2O, United States Government, as well as state and local municipalities.

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