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​We specialize in utility management solutions for multihousing communities. Our installation department is familiar with all types of water and gas meters and sizes. We have also had experience with all types of AMR systems. We guarantee that we will use the products best suited for your needs and we guarantee a lifetime warranty. Water submetering is the solution for controlling the constantly escalating utility costs and promoting water conservation as well. This is the answer that property owners and managers are searching for. We provide a turnkey installation process that will allow the owner to allocate the water cost back to the residents. We install a separate meter in each unit which will measure the actual water consumption of residents in that particular unit. We then connect you with a billing company so that owners can then begin billing the resident for their usage and property owners will be reimbursed for the utility expenses. Another added benefit of water submetering systems is that leaks can then be detected early and it puts an end to unnecessary costs incurred from those types of issues. 

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